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Transition to Heston


Congratulations to all Year 6 students who have gained a place at Heston.  We are looking forward to supporting you on the final leg of your journey from primary school to secondary education.  Please look through and complete the Maths, English and Science activities that can be found in the tabs below. 

At Heston there will be many activities for you to participate in, so start thinking about all the clubs you may like to join and the new friends you will make.  Student Mentors will be on hand to support your transition and help you settle in, as will your new Tutor, Learning Co-ordinators and Senior Members of staff. 

The Transition Team has contacted all the primary schools our new students currently attend, to ensure we are able to support the pastoral and academic transition of students to Year 7. We are eager to meet you during our Summer School to which everyone has been invited.

Our Transition Team are here to support Year 6 parents and carers and, should you have any enquiries in please email

Primary Transition materials and activities



Supporting your child through a time of change – add the statement below [once you enter the new page] and attach the document that can be found at the link below.

Transitioning from primary to secondary school is a particularly significant change for children. It is important that we acknowledge how they feel and help them gain skills to find solutions or strategies to manage these feelings.

Learning to adapt to change, will help your child to cope, not only with this particular transition, but also prepare them for the many other changes and challenges they will face in life. Building resilience and allowing children an opportunity to try out different coping skills and methods and find the ones that work for them is a good starting point. Please click on the link below for ideas

Transition Documents