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Uniform & Dress Code

We want our students to take pride in their appearance, the School and create a sense of community. Pride and a sense of community create positive attitudes towards their learning.  The full Uniform Code is listed below:

School Uniform Years 7 - 11 


  • School Tie*
  • School blazer with School Logo*
  • Black V-necked pullover with School Logo* [optional]
  • Plain black skirt [knee-length]
  • Plain black regular cut trousers — no jeans or tight-fitting trousers
  • Plain white shirt
  • Black leather type upper shoes
  • White or black socks
  • Plain black or flesh coloured tights
  • No caps or hoodies
  • Plain black or white Hijab/Turban
  • Plain dark outdoor coats
  • A wristwatch and single, small stud earring in each lobe is all that is permitted. Small, religious emblems may be worn discreetly inside a student’s uniform but not during PE lessons
  • Hair should be smart and formal in appearance. Coloured hair and high fashion/cult hairstyles are not permitted. Shaved heads [shorter than Grade 2] are not permitted. No tramlines in hair or eyebrows
  • No make-up or false eyelashes; nails to be natural, unpolished and kept short.  Students will be required to trim nails, which are too long and pose a potential safety threat to other students
  • Mobile phones should never be in use within School and need to be kept out of sight. The School will not take any responsibility for mobile phones or any other electronic devices if such items are lost or damaged on School premises; if seen, they are confiscated. Students will be able to collect them from the Welfare Office on the next Friday after confiscation between 15:00 and 16:00.


  • Black and red [outdoor] zip top with School logo*
  • Red polo shirt with School logo*
  • Black PE shorts with shadow stripe and School logo*
  • PE training trousers with School logo*
  • Red football socks
  • Panelled rain jacket [optional]
  • Shin pads for matches
  • Supportive trainers [not plimsolls]
  • Football boots / Astro-turf trainers [optional]

School Uniform marked with * can only be purchased from School Bells. All other items can be purchased from alternative retailers. 

  School Bells
  48 Bell Road
  TW3 3PB
  Tel: 020 8577 6656

Sixth Form Dress Code 

Pride in oneself, the School and the maintenance of high standards are essential for personal development and preparation for the world of work. Our Post 16 students are expected to come to School in smart, professional clothing, reflecting what would be expected in an office or business environment and to be role models for younger students.

Male Sixth Form students should wear a suit, formal shirt, tie and formal shoes.

Female Sixth Form students should wear a formal top, formal jacket, a tailored skirt/trousers or smart dress and formal shoes.