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Join Heston in Year 7

Choosing a secondary school for your child is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will ever make. At Heston Community School, we endeavour to provide a safe and nurturing environment, with an atmosphere of high expectations, creating ambitious, successful and responsible young adults, able and willing to contribute to society.

The values of resilience, honesty, ambition, respect, kindness and fairness are the foundation upon which we build successful and confident young people.  We want to inspire a passion for lifelong learning in all our children and a recognition that success only comes when they have the courage to learn from their mistakes. 

The academic success of our students is truly remarkable. At KS4 we are consistently over half a grade stronger than the National Average for student progress.  As an 11-18 Academy, we provide a balance of challenge and support to ensure that every child, regardless of ability, faith or ethnic background, excels and fulfils their potential.

Our Curriculum 

Our curriculum is a positive mix of traditional academic subjects with a strong emphasis on the ‘Arts’ to build those creative skills, so important and valued by businesses in the West London economy. Our broad and balanced curriculum supports our students’ development of the skills and knowledge to be successful learners; builds excellent foundations to continue their studies in Higher Education and prepares them for the real world of work.

Literacy, numeracy and life-long learning skills are developed to enable our students to become confident and active members of our community.

Learning at Heston 

Growth Mindset values underpin our learning ethos. This means that students work hard, persevere, and learn to be resilient, welcoming challenge and understanding that failure is a necessary part of the journey to success. We instil in our students the belief that there are no upper limits to what they can achieve. Throughout every aspect of the learning experience, the values of kindness, resilience, honesty, ambition, respect and fairness are reinforced.

Pastoral Care 

Our dedicated team of Form Tutors, Learning Co-ordinators, the Learning Mentor and the Inclusion Team provide targeted support, which values and cares for every child at Heston Community School. Furthermore, we have our own Counsellor who supports those teams to ensure that the safety and emotional well-being of each child is our highest priority.

Behaviour at Heston Community School is exemplary. Our students are respectful and empathetic towards one another and have excellent relationships with staff. Above all else, every child is made to believe that they are a part of our community and will never be alone.

The Application Process 

Heston Community School follows the admissions policy of Hounslow Education Authority, who make all the arrangements for transfer and decide on the priorities for admission if more pupils apply than we can accommodate. Please visit the London Borough of Hounslow’s Secondary Admissions website for further information.

Visit The School 

Parents or Carers who are considering sending their child/children to our School are strongly encouraged to make an appointment for a tour of the School. You can contact us by phone or email:

Telephone Number: 020 8572 1931