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Inspection Reports

Ofsted last visited the School in December 2022 and judged Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development and Sixth Form Provision as Outstanding.

The Report stated:

     ‘Pupils have high aspirations and want to succeed in education. Leaders have established           the right school climate for them to do so. Pupils achieve very well in a wide range of                 subjects in the main school and sixth form.’

     ‘Pupils speak proudly about ‘Hestonian values’, such as kindness, honesty, resilience and           equality. These values are embedded in the day-to-day life of the school. They provide a             shared language for teachers and pupils, inspiring them to be the best that they can be. As         a result, pupils’ behaviour and attitudes to learning are exceptional.’

    ‘Pupils behave exceptionally well in lessons and listen carefully to teachers' explanations.           This has a very positive effect on their learning. They enjoy warm and positive relationships       among themselves and with their teachers.’

    ‘Living by Hestonian values also means pupils rarely experience bullying of any type. They           are safe and feel at home in all parts of the school. They know there is an adult they trust           that they can turn to at any time. If any bullying should occur, it would be dealt with                     seriously and competently by caring staff.’