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Our ambitious and inclusive curriculum is designed to empower our students to become life-long learners and successful global citizens.

Through a well-sequenced curriculum, we intend to embed knowledge and skills that challenge all learners. We study topics that are age appropriate and of interest to our students, such as introducing themselves and their family, talking about school and free time activities. Students learn the basic structures that make up a language, such as the use of the most common irregular verbs used (to be, to have, to do, to go) before moving on to more challenging structures such as complex opinions and the introduction to conditional tense. The curriculum expands on this foundational grammar, introducing a wider variety of verb forms as well as complex opinions, reasons, time phrases and linking words so that they can express their ideas and points of view in a coherent and cohesive way. The curriculum is designed to develop our students' confidence in reading, writing, listening and speaking in French. 

We enrich our students learning, beyond the National Curriculum, by exposing them to authentic materials such as French music, film and literary texts, and increasing their understanding of French culture and its impact on our society. Our students also study the difference between the French and British Educational Systems. 

To raise aspirations and allow our students to make informed decisions about their future, we provide subject specific careers education. Students develop the skills to be able to talk about the world of work and their future aspirations in the target language and develop an understanding of the opportunities and benefits of speaking and understanding another language can bring. 

Our Curriculum Maps outline our curriculum design and the development of knowledge and skills from Years 7-11. The curriculum is adapted to support and challenge students with different starting points, whilst remaining ambitious for all. GCSE French is a very popular option for our Key Stage 4 Students. Students are examined on the Edexcel Specification in GCSE French.