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Community School is committed to Enrichment. New experiences help students develop great social confidence and strong friendships. At Key Stage 3, the emphasis is on fun, fitness and discovering new talents and skills! At Key Stage 4 & 5, the emphasis is on fitness, future career or academic subject skills and the management of stress as students adapt to new challenges.

Enrichment Facts

  • Parts of the brain that control thinking, language, and memory are larger in volume in people who are active than in people who are inactive. Dr. McGinnis, Harvard University.
  • Other research from Harvard University has shown that around the globe, social skills like flexibility, team-work and resilience are increasingly as valuable as exam qualifications to employers.
  • The NHS recommends children and teenagers try activities and clubs, “young people who are more active have more confidence, higher self-esteem, less anxiety and stress, and better social skills

“Running, Football and Multi-sports not only improve my fitness but also act as a good stress-reliever. Attending these clubs has improved my leadership, communication and team-work skills. I often lead sections of the Running Club sessions such as the stretches and cool-down phases.” Keven Afonso, Year 13

“Joining the Coding Club has really developed my cognitive skills- helping me to solve problems by adopting different perspectives. I think these critical thinking skills will prepare me to tackle work-place challenges in the future.” Renaya Singh, Year 9

“Yoga really helps me to stay calm and manage stress. I have noticed I can concentrate better and just feel better in general when I regularly attend.” Aastha Mutreja, Year 13.

“Being a Student Rep in The Student Council has helped me to develop communication, team work and time management skills as we have to manage projects and discuss issues with staff. I enjoy learning about how the whole school organisation works when I talk with Senior Leaders. I also like presenting changes we have made to different year groups when I visit their assemblies.” Pavleen Madhan, Year 11

“I attend Choir and it is so much fun. We have all learnt the basics of singing and some of the harder aspects too. When we learn a song, it sounds amazing and we all feel so relaxed and happy to just be singing with our friends. Choir has made me more confident, I’m able to perform in front of large amounts of people, during the concerts!” Jassia Kwokova, Year 10

“Going to Karate has been a fantastic experience for me since it has helped me become more self-assured and taught me how to exercise self-control. Most importantly, it has strengthened both my mind and body.”  Danish Hakim, Year 13

Volley-ball is great fun and I always feel calmer and healthier after a session. I enjoy the competitive element of it but it also brings lots of students together and is fun.” Abdimajid Omar, Year 12

“The Further Maths Club has really strengthened my ambition, and I feel it is already helping me to prepare for A level Maths next year by introducing me to new ideas, in a fun and relaxing way.” Sara Daci, Year 11

“The Literature Society has really expanded my knowledge. It is not just helpful for GCSEs, it also gives me more knowledge about the past, and encourages me to be critical and open to different opinions. It has made me think about doing English Literature A Level and careers in writing or publishing.” Ilhan Abdullahi, Year 10

Enrichment Clubs are fun but can also be life-changing! Finding a club that is right for each student and then ensuring they commit to it by attending every week is the way forward. We hope you will talk to your child about clubs they could benefit from. Please see full details of clubs below.