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Attendance & Punctuality

Regular and punctual attendance is a prerequisite to effective learning. When children are not in School, they miss the educational opportunities that the School has to offer them. Children with poor attendance underachieve in secondary education.

Parents/Carers have a legal duty to ensure their child attends school. Department for Education guidelines regarding acceptable school attendance levels state:

All students must achieve at least 95% attendance as instructed by LA. The School will contact any child falling below 95% and meetings will be arranged to discuss how attendance can be improved.

Heston Community School Absence Procedures

  • If a student is absent, Parents/Carers must contact the school by 08:00 on each day of absence and provide the reason. If a child is absent for three consecutive days the Parents/Carers should update the School on the potential return date.
  • On their return to School, the student should bring a letter from their Parents/Carers to explain the absence. A medical letter or certificate will be required for absences longer than 3 days.
  • Hospital or Orthodontist appointments will be authorised when supported by an appointment card or letter.
  • All Parents/Carers are strongly encouraged to use out of school hours for all routine medical appointments.

If, in very exceptional circumstances, you need to request absence from School for your child during term time you should apply to the School in writing, in advance of the leave.  

Every minute late soon adds up!

  5 minutes   3.4 school days a year
  10 minutes   6.9 school days a year
  15 minutes   10.3 school days a year
  20 minutes   13.8 school days a year
  30 minutes   20.7 school days a year