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Our curriculum intent is to have an ambitious and inclusive curriculum, that empowers our students to become life-long learners and successful global citizens.  

Through the study of A Level Politics, students develop a deep understanding of all aspects of Britain’s political system, such as the role and nature of political parties, elections, parliament and the judiciary, as well as a detailed insight into four key political ideologies: conservatism, socialism, liberalism and feminism. This foundation of knowledge is then used to answer complex political questions, such as comparing the US and UK political systems and evaluating the merits of each system in order to justify which system is better. Through a well-sequenced curriculum, we intend to embed knowledge and skills that challenge all learners.

Our curriculum is designed to cultivate a rich vocabulary, enabling our students to think and write politically. Students are taught subject specialist and disciplinary language in an explicit and direct manner.

Students develop valuable transferable skills such as how to infer meaning from a source and how to assess and evaluate different arguments. The political curriculum also provides numerous opportunities for students to reach their own interpretations about the past and learn how to eloquently defend their views through both the spoken and written word. As part of our Enriched and Society-centred curriculum students learn how their actions can make a difference and the importance of engaging within the society they live.

To raise aspirations and allow our students to make informed decisions about their future, we provide subject specific careers education. Students learn about educational and skill requirements for Politics based professions such as Lawyers, Political Advisors and Journalists. 

Our Curriculum Maps outline our curriculum design and the development of knowledge and skills in Years 12 and 13. The curriculum is adapted to support and challenge students with different starting points, whilst remaining ambitious for all. Students are examined on the Edexcel Specification in A Level Politics.

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