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Our curriculum intent is to have an ambitious and inclusive curriculum, that empowers our students to become life-long learners and successful global citizens.

In A Level Economics students will be introduced to the nature of economics and how markets work and fail, as well as the role of government and the UK economy. In the second year, students will explore how businesses grow and compete, examine the labour market and analyse how the government intervenes to make markets work better. Students will also explore international trade, inequality within and between countries, emerging and developing economies and public finances. Students will also have an opportunity to consider the role and impact of the financial sector on individuals and businesses. Through a well-sequenced curriculum, we intend to embed knowledge and skills that challenge all learners.

Our curriculum is designed to cultivate a rich subject specific vocabulary, enabling our students to think and write like an Economist and students are taught disciplinary literacy in an explicit and direct manner.

Students develop their knowledge of key themes to help aid their understanding of the world today, as part of our Enriched and Society-centred curriculum, discussing the impact of real-life events such as the economics crash in 2008, Brexit, Covid and the current cost of living crisis.  We teach students to take a critical and analytical approach to viewing data and information so that they can make informed decisions. Students are actively encouraged to debate the impact of externalities, wage differentials, inequality in wealth distribution, the impact of government intervention, the moral obligations of multi-nationals.

To raise aspirations and allow our students to make informed decisions about their future, we provide subject specific careers education. Students learn about educational and skill requirements for professions such as Policy Makers, Journalists, Economists, Data and Financial analysts. Many of our students go on to study degrees in Economics at prestigious institutions. 

Our Curriculum Maps outline our curriculum design and the development of knowledge and skills in Years 12 and 13. The curriculum is adapted to support and challenge students with different starting points, whilst remaining ambitious for all. Students are examined on the Edexcel Specification in A Level Economics.

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