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At A Level, students will be introduced to the nature of economics and how markets work and fail, as well as the role of government and the UK economy. In the second year, students will explore how businesses grow and compete, examine the labour market and analyse how the government intervenes to make markets work better. Students will also explore international trade, inequality within and between countries, emerging and developing economies and public finances. Students will also have an opportunity to consider the role and impact of the financial sector on individuals and businesses.

 YEAR 12


 Theme 1: Nature of economics and how markets work

 Theme 2: Measures of economic performance, aggregate supply and demand


 Theme 1: Market failure

 Theme 2: National income and economic growth


 Theme 1: Government intervention

 Theme 2: Macroeconomics objectives and policy


 YEAR 13


 Theme 3: Business growth and objectives

 Theme 4: International trade, poverty and inequality


 Theme 3: Revenues, costs and profits and market structures

 Theme 4: emerging and developing economies and the financial sector


 Theme 3: Labour market and government intervention

 Theme 4: The role of the state in the macro economy

 Exam Preparation


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