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Year 9 is "Looking Good"

Looking Good was performed to Year 9 to get them thinking about the pressures they face

 Actors in Looking GoodOn Monday, 11th November Year 9 students were entertained and challenged through a performance of the play ‘Looking Good’, commissioned by Hounslow schools and funded through the Innovation Fund.  Heston’s students were quickly drawn into the world of 3 teenagers, all trying to make sense of the pressures they were experiencing.

 Looking Good Q&ASerious issues were tackled through the engaging and humorous play:  peer pressure to behave in a particular way, body image, homophobia and sexting were all explored in an accessible and entertaining way.  At the end of the play students took part in a question and answer session to explore some of the issues raised in greater depth.

Reactions from students and staff were overwhelmingly positive:

 Actors in Looking Good‘It taught us to think about how some relationships might be fake.’  Year 9 Girl.

‘The issues were important.  We learned about issues that will affect us.  How not to be pressurised by people around you.’  Year 9 Girl.

‘The play was done in a funny way but it still made you think about the things that are important. It made me consider things I don’t usually think about.’  Year 9 Boy