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Refugees and Passports

Red Cross and Amnesty International representatives host Year 9 workshops

 Red Cross presenter with studentsRed Cross and Amnesty International speakers visited school to discuss citizenship issues with Year 9. As part of their Personal, Social, Health and Economic study, Year 9 had the opportunity to question and participate in workshops which focused on refugees and asylum seekers. Students and teachers felt the workshops were a useful way to discuss these key issues which are relevant to the local community.

Year 9 students were also introduced to the Leadership Passport Scheme, this exciting opportunity allows Gifted and Talented students of the Year 9 cohort to work towards obtaining bronze, silver and gold stripes for their blazer as a reward for completing leadership tasks.

This year long project will help to develop their skills in the following categories: Creative; Physical; Communication; Community and Charity; Enterprise and Academic.

Students currently involved in the scheme are pictured below with Mr Williams (Year 9 Learning Co-ordinator) and Miss Razzaq (Year 9 Assistant Learning Co-ordinator). They are eager to be a part of the scheme and are especially looking forward to developing the transferable skills needed for GCSEs.
 Year 9 students on the Leadership Passport Scheme