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Nakita's Cancer Research Project

Nakita reports on her Nuffield Research placement

 Nakita working in labsNakita Ahdi was successful in gaining a Nuffield Research placement with Cancer Research UK at the London Research Institute Lincoln's Inn Fields Laboratories where she worked for four weeks over summer.

Nakita, who hopes to study Medicine at university, is currently in Heston’s Sixth Form working hard in Biology, Chemistry and Geography.

The work she carried out during the summer was an assessment of different DNA concentration and fragmentation methods to determine the best method for Cancer Research UK’s on-going work in this area.

Nakita thoroughly enjoyed her placement and has produced a detailed report, which she is prouly holding below, that is being accredited by the British Science Association for a Gold CREST award. She plans to enter her work  in the National Science and Engineering Competition.

 Nakita said: “My placement at the London Research Institute was positively the best experience in my life to date. I worked with qualified and renowned research scientists who taught me about the importance and value of research in defeating major diseases such as cancer. It was an absolute honour to see science and biology in working practice. It was a truly gratifying experience which left me humble and yet with a passion and hunger to further help tackle diseases to make a small change in our big world with a career in medicine. I encourage students who show a genuine interest in science to pursue a Nuffield Research placement. A big thanks goes to Mr Newton (Assistant Curriculum Leader for Science at Heston) for making it happen!”