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Chief Economist and quantitative easing.

Spencer Dale visits Heston and talks to Economics students

 Executive Director and Chief Economist at the Bank of England, Spencer Dale, visited Heston on Monday 23rd September.  He had a question and answer session with Sixth Form Economics students and provided an excellent insight into the work of the Monetary Policy Committee, as he is a key member of this influential committee.

In order to give A2 students a better understanding of the economy and help them grasp the workings of the financial world Spencer Dale talked in some detail about the concept of quantitative easing.  Students learnt about how the Bank of England has been working hard to stimulate the economy and there was an opportunity for questions on all aspects of Spencer Dale’s work and the economy.  He also told students that everyone has the ability to hold such jobs they just need the aspiration to get there.  

 Ms Nidhi Chhibba (pictured left with Spencer Dale and Headteacher Phil Ward), Business Studies Assistant Curriculum Leader, said: “We were delighted to welcome Spencer Dale and pleased that he used this opportunity to bring Economics alive for the students.  Not only was this of benefit to students in terms of their learning but inspirational too as he explained how hard work and determination was the key to his success.”