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Nexus 7 at the Tate Modern

Read what EVERY student thought of this trip

 Nexus 7 signing the wall at the Tate Modern

A quote from every student on this Nexus 7 trip:

"On 12th October Nexus 7 went on an amazing trip to Tate Modern." Namrita Wahura

"I loved the part when we went over the Millennium Bridge and saw an amazing view of the River Thames." Kiren Sanghrao

"I enjoyed working with other people and was amazed how good we were at it." Tahir Djemrani

"Tate Modern is very big." - Rohan Kambo

"My favourite was a man with no head – I was wondering how it got chopped off."  Yahya Ahmed

"We saw lights flashing in the Turbine Hall."  Asim Shezad

 Nexus 7 students at the Tate Modern

"I liked the carpet where we drew our name."  Hashneet Kapur

"We saw weird pictures like people hanging from the ceiling." Sameer Riaz

"We saw models of giant potatoes."  Faghi Faqi

"From the tenth floor we saw the Shard and the Cheese grater and the people looked so tiny." Tanvee Sidhu

"The birds ate my lunch when we were having our photo taken." Solomon Shadman

"We saw awesome sculptures by Louise Bourgeois."  Olsen Fernandes

"I really enjoyed the day and was so impressed by the pictures." Sania Kapoor

"My favourite part was when it was dark and the lights were making shadows.  Maybe one day I will become an artist just like the ones we saw." Sara Faisal

"The best part was the fabulous view -it was ten floors high. We saw sculptures of spiders, and a red thing with three faces - it looked like the devil." Tahira Shazad

"I feel very happy because when I look back I will remember this trip." Avneet Mahal

 Nexus 7 students outside the Tate Modern