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Jonathan Meres and The World of Norm

Year 7 boys have an “Abso-Flipping-Lutely brilliant day!”

 Jonathan Meres presenting to Year 7 boys

The author of The World of Norm books, Jonathan Meres, visited Heston to enthuse Year 7 boys about everything to do with books.

 Jonathan signing one of his books

Jonathan, who was a comedian for 10 years, proved to be a great success as he presented and took questions from three groups of Year 7 boys during the day.

As well as talking about his main character, Norm, Jonathan also covered why he loves books and fielded a wide range of questions about his life, his books and where he gets his ideas from. 

 Jonathan playing guitar & singing a song about Norm

He also signed the students’ books, sang and played guitar.

The visit was organised by English Teacher, Ms Sharan Birk, and Learning Resource Centre Manager, Ms Veronica Hurley, who also enjoyed Jonathan’s hilarious, motivating and informative presentations.

The day was part of a wider programme at Heston to improve literacy and to develop a real passion for reading. Jonathan asked the boys at the start of the day if they thought authors and books were boring – many said they did! At the end of the day all of them had a completely different view – nothing about the day or Jonathan was boring and, as Norm would say, it was an “Abso-Flipping-Lutely brilliant day!”

Thank you Jonathan!

 Jonathan enthusing Year 7