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British Physics Olympiad award winners

Congratulations Adam & Kumail - "every question is a real challenge"

 Mr Newton with award winners Adam & Kumail

Congratulations to Year 13 students Adam Walczak and Kumail Kermalli who entered the British National Physics Olympiad competition and recently received their certificates from Assistant Curriculum Leader for Science Mr Stuart Newton (pictured above with the students). Adam received a Bronze 1 award and Kumail a Commendation. These awards put Adam in the top 500 of the top Physics students who entered the Olympiad and Kumail in the top 1000.

Both students are hoping to study Physics at university – Adam plans to combine his studies with Maths. 

Adam and Kumail had prepared for the challenge, which included studying work that was yet to be covered in their A2 lessons, by studying past papers and some serious revising. The Olympiad is designed to test understanding and problem solving skills and is open to able young physicists in school years 11-13. 

This is what the organisers say about the challenge: “The paper was designed to stretch and challenge the top young physicists in the country in a national competition, so please congratulate your students for participating. Every question is indeed a real challenge”