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Big SleepOut

Sixth Form students sleep out to help the homeless

 Heston students taking part in the Big SleepOut Heston students in their boxes for the Big SleepOut





Well done to the Sixth Form students who took part in Trinity’s Big SleepOut.

This is how Harmeet Grover described the event and the need to help the homeless: "After taking part in another year of Trinity's Big SleepOut - we are reminded of the issues of homelessness within our community, and how homelessness can happen to anyone. The event itself was once again a huge step-up from the previous year, with more people, more stalls and a bigger stage. The cold night served as an example of what those without a home are forced to go through on a day-to-day basis - without a warm bed to sleep in and warm food to eat. We look forward to taking part again next year - as we aid Trinity in their strive to end homelessness."

Click here to donate to Trinity via the students' fundraising page