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Word of the Week

COMPLEXITY is this week's word

 WOTW - complexityIn our efforts to continue to develop students’ literacy we have a ‘Word of the Week’ programme.

The ‘Word of the Week’ will be displayed in classrooms and around the school and will be used throughout lessons in order to ensure students are developing their vocabulary. Literacy achievement points can now be awarded to students for the correct usage of these words in all lessons.

The ‘Word of the Week’ for the week commencing 23rd November is: Complexity.


Meaning- The state of being formed of many parts; the state of being difficult to understand


The increasing complexity of modern technology baffles some people.

I was astonished by the size and complexity of the problem.

Plural - Complexities [plural] the features of a problem or situation that are difficult to understand

Example: The students managed to engage with the structural complexities of the novel’s language.

Synonyms: complication or intricacy.

Antonyms: simplicity and clarity.