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Re-making the World

Student teams create world images

 The students team working on India

The first Super Learning Day of the year resulted in a hall full of 3-D maps of the countries of the world created by groups of students from Year 7 to 10. The theme for the day was Re-making the World.

Student groups were given a country which they had to research and then produce their map or representation of the country featuring landmarks, cultural images, food, sport, music … or anything else that they felt characterised their country.

 A bike for the French map  The Chile Map  A Gladiator for the Italian map

The results were a mass of colour, invention and creativity – you can view more on the Gallery page.

The DART team (Design and Art) who organised the day were faced with a difficult task to select a top ten that were then displayed in the Hogarth Atrium.

 Working on the Canadian map Japan & the students team