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Rockets launched during Space Week

Science Club designed then launched their rockets

 Students launch a water propelled rocket

As part of Space Week, Heston’s Science Club designed and launched a variety of rockets.

The rockets were very impressive and the students skilfully avoided getting drenched by the water used to launch their creations.

 Science Club designing rockets Rocket launch number 2





 Rocket launched and on its way to Hogarth

The Science department also provided a variety of resources for Tutors to use throughout the week, including this quiz:

How many do you know?

1.       What is the closest planet to the Sun?

2.       Earth is located in which galaxy?

3.       What is the most an astronaut has grown in space?

4.       What was the name of the first dog in space?

5.       In what year did man first land on the moon?

6.       What is the name of NASA’s most famous space telescope?

7.       How much does it cost to go to space on a commercial flight?

8.       What special event could we see from Earth last week?

9.       Why were scientists excited about Mars last week?

10.     How many moons does Jupiter have?

Here are the answers
1) Mercury  2) Milky Way  3) 8cm  4)  Laika the dog  5) 1969  6) Hubble  7) £165,000 
8) Supermoon eclipse  9)  Liquid water on Mars  10)  63 moons

 Another successful rocket launch