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Heston's First Science Fair

Year 7 & 8 winners research snowflakes and earthquakes

 Year 7 winners with their snowflake display Year 8 winners with their earthquake model

The first ever Heston Community School Science Fair took place at the end of Summer Term and was a huge success. Year 7 and 8 students worked in groups in Science lessons to independently research a scientific question of their choice and create a project to present their ideas.

 Students display their model cityStudents showed their creativity and innovation by coming up with some truly intriguing scientific questions from "Why do cats always land on their feet?",  "Does listening to music help you remember?", "How do we see optical illusions?”, ”Does the Bermuda triangle really exist?" to " Will VRMMORPGs* be possible?”

Two winning groups were selected from every form to compete in the Science Fair when over 80 enthusiastic young scientists demonstrated their hard work in the Hall. Headteacher, Mr Ward, and Head Boy, Kumail had the difficult task of selecting a winner for each year group.

Jasveer, Maria and Avleen (7R – pictured top left) were selected as overall winners for Year 7 for a beautifully presented, innovative, well researched and fascinating project on "Are all snow flakes unique?".

 Students with their display Students with their display

Myah, Amber, Zahraa and J'Nai (8B – pictured top right) were the overall winners for Year 8 with "Can we predict earthquakes?" for an extremely detailed report demonstrating a high level of scientific understanding and a stunning shaking earthquake simulation model.

The two winning teams have won some scientific books to hopefully further inspire their love of Science and all form winners that took part in the Science Fair will be invited to a lunch time pizza party during Autumn Term.

Ms Bethany Hart – Director of Science said: “It was an absolute joy to see the students present their work and answer questions from our judges. Well done to all Year 7 and 8 students for their effort and dedication, we were very impressed by the students’ maturity, organisation, team-work, excellent work ethic and enthusiasm throughout the project”.

* In case you didn’t know VRMMORPG means Virtual reality massive multi-player on-line role-playing games

 Ms Hart congratulating all the competitors