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Welcome Year 7

The first day at Heston for our new Year 7

 Ms Slater welcomes Year 7

Heston Community School welcomed its new Year 7 students on Friday 4 September. The majority of Heston’s students will start on Monday 7 September so our new students had a chance to tour School and get to know their way around.

 Mr Ward talking to students

Headteacher Phil Ward (pictured right) welcomed the students and talked about the “exciting opportunities available at Heston”. He also told them: “You are Heston’s future and the education you get here will change your lives … we intend to give you a passion to learn and a thirst for knowledge.”


Year 7 Learning Co-ordinator Ms Donna Slater, told the students that she had taught a lot of their brothers, sisters and other relatives including some of their parents! She also said: “I look forward to seeing these students develop and enjoy themselves – they are at the start of a seven year journey with us and we will do all we can to help them get the most out of their time here.”  

 New Students at break time Mr Britt's Tutor Group give the day a thumbs up

The students were then introduced to their Tutors (pictured below) and had a variety of sessions to help them get to know the site, their fellow students and what is expected of them. The day also included the students’ first tests … but they still left at the end of the day happy and excited about their future at Heston.

 Students are introduced to their Tutors

 New students at break time New Students at break time