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Year 10 Mentors for Literacy

Year 7 students are benefiting from one to one support

 Year 10 Mentors helping Year 7 students

Leadership skills are being developed by a group of dedicated Year 10 students who are currently mentoring Year 7s  with their Literacy every Friday morning. Providing one to one support, the mentors have taken on a  teaching role; showing Year 7s a range of strategies to use when tackling tricky spellings.

 Year 10 Mentors in action
English Teacher, Ms Janet Macdonald said: "So far, the results have been amazing, the Year 7s are performing consistently well in the tests completed at the end of each session.  Additionally, the atmosphere has been brilliant - the older students are realising just how much they are capable of when they take on a new challenge. The effort of all students involved in this project is commendable"