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BBC film Year 7

BBC Two's Victoria Derbyshire programme features students, Miss D'Lima & Mr Ward

 BBC filming Year 7 lessonThe BBC visited Heston on the last day of Spring Term to film a lesson on sexual consent and to interview Headteacher, Phil Ward.

Heston has been one of the first schools to introduce this type of lesson to Year 7 students (11 year olds) which is a new development as previously this type of lesson was taught only when students were aged 14 and over.

The Victoria Derbyshire programme on BBC Two which was screened over the Easter break featured the lesson and interview which you can view if you click on the link below:

Heston CS on Victoria Derbyshire BBC Two

 During his interview Mr Ward emphasises the importance of discussing issues about sexual consent within the safe, nurturing environment that education provides. He says: "Over time my students are going to grow up and they're going to be part of a real world where these things are going to be around, and they need to be provided with reflection time where they're able to make informed decisions about consent, should that situation arise."

The School believes it is important to provide this guidance to Year 7 students but if any parents have any concerns or queries they should call the school and speak to Assistant Headteacher Miss Margot Currie who is responsible for the PSHCE programme, which includes sex education.

There is also more detail on the subject on the BBC News website (click here).