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Choir rehearse at Eton College

Concert preparations at Heston and Eton

 The choir rehearsing

Students have been taking part in a Singing Workshop run by Slough Music Services for the past few weeks. Initially, there was a workshop Heston involving over 50 students. A group of the best singers were chosen to attend a further workshop for the day at Eton College. A final selection saw the numbers reduce based on vocal skill and commitment to the project.

Further rehearsals have taken place, working with Eton and Slough School to prepare for a Final Concert.

Miss Fern Clark, Music Teacher at Heston said: “It has been a great opportunity for students and myself to work with others who enjoy a passion for music and it has been lovely to hear our students singing as part of a choir, challenging them to sing different parts at the same time. This has helped broaden the understanding of harmony for our students, at the same time as being fun and inspiring working with a professional singer.”

 Choir rehersals in the Hall