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Year 7 Road Safety Play!

Year 7 recently took part in an interactive road safety play presented by The Riot Act!  This dynamic theatre company brought learning to life, a performance filled with humour, relatable characters, and audience participation.

Year 7 were not just watching; they were part of the action!  The play tackled real-life scenarios, from phone distractions while walking to navigating crossings with friends.

"It felt way cooler than a regular lesson," shared a thrilled Year 7 student. "Now I know for sure to always look both ways and ditch the phone near traffic!"

The Riot Act's engaging performance left a lasting impression. Year 7 left the performance buzzing with newfound road safety knowledge and a commitment to becoming responsible pedestrians.  These lessons will undoubtedly stick with them on their journeys to and from school, keeping them safe on the streets.

Mrs Ryan [Learning Coordinator]

Road Safety Story Write-up

On Wednesday, Year 7’s watched a play about road safety. It was performed by The Riot Act. The characters Jo, Tom, and Fran told a story about what could happen if you are distracted by your phone while walking on the roads. Jo was overprotective of her brother Tom, who was funny but a bit thoughtless. Jo had a hard time standing up to Fran, who was extremely reckless when he was out and about and a bad influence on the two. In the performance, there were many major points about what you could be distracted by – phones, music, and even friends because of peer pressure. After the performance ended, the actors from The Riot Act talked to us about brain development relevant to our ages and decision making. I personally enjoyed the play, and I am sure that my peers and everybody else did too.

Jakub Zawrotniak [7W]