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Pickleball comes to Heston!

Pickeleball is one of the fastest growing sport in America and is starting to be played in the UK. To give students variety and to try new sports, the PE department have joined the trend and is offering Pickleball in our KS4 PE lessons. Feedback from students over the first week of introducing this new sport has been very encouraging and students are enjoying the similarities between Pickleball and other racket sports like Badminton and Table Tennis.

Pickleball is a sport that is highly enjoyable while encouraging team play. It is a very easy sport to understand and for people who might not be highly active. It is very recommendable for anyone who wants to try something new.”

Ameeya Padha [Y11]

“Pickleball is something I think everybody should try as it's not only enjoyable but can get very competitive, which I know I love. Pickleball is easy to both understand and get into and I recommend anybody who loves both badminton and tennis to give it a try.”

Adnan Omar [Y11]