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Brentford Football Club Workshop

On 15 March, Romario and Mannie from the Brentford Football Club held a workshop with 20 students from Year 8. The aim of the workshop was to develop positive relationships and was targeted towards students who could benefit from improving their behaviour in and out of school.

The workshop started with an icebreaker where we had to say our names with an action, and repeated everyone else’s name with their action. I realised it was a task to get to know each other in a fun way.

Another fun activity was the truth and lies, a game of saying two truths about ourselves and one lie and the others had to guess the lie. It was a good way of observing ways in which people talk when they are telling the truth or lying. It was also a good activity in developing our communication skills.

We discussed our role models and who we would like to be like and hopefully, that would help create a positive atmosphere in school. My favourite task was the START and STOP activity. We each had to reflect and say what negative we would like to stop and what positive difference we would want to start.    

Overall, I enjoyed the workshop and have learnt a few things as to how I can make a positive contribution in and out of school.

Haseena Sekandary [8B]