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Teaching English as a Foreign Language

I have always admired the role of the teachers around me: helping students to achieve their full potential, directly building a foundation for the future generation, and playing a crucial role in the development of future society. Consequently, this admiration of the teachers around me ignited a passion to pursue a career in the educational sector.

I was delighted to be offered a fully funded TEFL course: Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The course consists of 10 modules, each providing an insightful taste into a specific element of the essential attributes and knowledge for a TEFL teacher to possess. For instance, the titles of some of the modules include: the IPA and pronunciation, grammar, EFL exams and many more. The course entails a multitude of videos that explain techniques to engage students in the classroom to maximise their learning [such as the use of realia, ice-breaker activities], interviews from teachers in the profession [providing a first-hand experience], key terminology for the career [EAL, ESOL, EFL] and many more.

I have thoroughly enjoyed starting the TEFL course as I believe it has provided me with an invaluable perspective on what teaching really entails. It has provided me with different ideas to enhance my teaching in, hopefully, a classroom of my own in the future. Furthermore, I believe that once completed, it will have instilled valuable cultural skills within me, effectively helping me to become an open-minded citizen of the world. It also allows me to complete the course flexibly, with a deadline of August, enabling me to efficiently manage my time with my A-levels. Upon completion, we are also be awarded a certificate, a physical manifestation of the dedication shown. I am inextricably grateful for this opportunity.

Aisha Hajiadam [12A]