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Heston Sports News

Year 7 Basketball 

Heston 15 Green School for Boys 18

The Green School for Boys [GSfB] had a good start to the game taking a 7-2 lead in the first quarter. Some excellent defending by Cezar helped a second quarter comeback with Heston in the lead at half time score of 9-7. The third quarter went the way of GSfB; they took the lead again, 13-10. Heston in the final quarter showed a lot of determination to win, doing everything they could. Heston had a run of scores, swapping the lead multiple times with GSfB. Some excellent attacking play from Enver and Sonia scoring a number of baskets. The game could have gone either way, but GSfB ended up being the winner on this occasion, 15-18.


Ahmed Grama, Stavarachi, Enver Daci, Naseem Noor, Aymen Mohamed, Harveer Singh, Josh Kainth, Tudor Filuta, Rashad Ahmed, Holly McCathy, Sonia Arora


Year 8 Netball 

Heston 8 Kingsley 0 

The game started off to a good start. The girls worked very hard, their hard work and dedication in training had paid off. They worked very well together as a team, working the ball through the hands of each player into Holly and Migle. They all enjoyed the game, having fun playing together whilst securing a win. Onwards and upwards from here, where we take on Green School for Girls after half-term. Player of the match was Holly McCarthy for her excellent shooting skills, decision-making and hard work. 


Ivy Nkansah, Pearl Kaur, Preetika Rajeswaran, Bianca Bolbocean, Migle Berankyte, Erika Gridan, Maryam Ali, Malak Bashir, Aisha Mohumad, Holly McCarthy