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Twelfth Night

On 12 January, we were invited by the University of West London to watch Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare. This allowed the text to be brought to life, as we could get a sense of the lighting and music, as well as the jocular body language. The play proved beneficial, as we were able to gain an introduction to the play's key themes and ideas, and seeing it being explored in real life has really developed my understanding of the text, as I now feel confident tackling harder quotations and exam questions.  Furthermore, this play was extremely humorous, and some scenes were so hysterical, it was inevitable to laugh!

As well as this, we were given the opportunity to speak to the actors and the director of the show, who were very friendly, and discussed not only the play, but careers in acting.  The director also talked us through some of her choices for the set, such as the clothing each character wore, and how she intended to challenge gender stereotypes. The University was very welcoming, as we were able to get a feel of the different courses they have to offer, such as Fashion or Aviation, as well as getting to see the student-run restaurant. Overall, the day was full of smiles and laughter, and I look forward to studying this play further!

Amna Younus [12F] and Arshil Warsi [12F]