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Academic Mentoring Day 2023

For Academic Mentoring Day, we focused on our two core subjects Maths and English, as our parent meetings had taken place earlier in the term. In these lessons, our main focus was to practice exam style questions and to improve our exam technique. In Maths, we attempted Grade 6 and above exam style questions to prepare us for our mock and GCSE. This really helped as we were able to get support from our teachers on how to approach these difficult questions in order to achieve the highest grades. In English, we also attempted an exam style question. We focused on questions that scored the most marks and we were able to ask for help and improve our answers to get top end marks. Overall, AMD helped us as we were able to learn valuable exam skills. 

Anerly Estibeiro 11W

With the support of my parents and tutor, I was able to pinpoint my areas of development during Academic Mentoring Day. It really helped me to better direct my energies so that I can make good progress in my A Levels.  Furthermore, it was advantageous as it was a great opportunity to bring my parents, my tutor and together to discuss how they will support me to achieve my full potential. 

Anureet Channa [12F] 

On AMD, we had two sessions dedicated to boosting our preparation for the upcoming mock and public examinations. We used this opportunity to review and master some of the areas for development in at least two of our subjects.  For example, in Physics we went over exam style questions and refined our approach to maximising our marks. This was an invaluable opportunity. 

Eliad Ahmed [13D]