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GateOne workshop

On Friday, 08 December T-Level Business and Healthcare Science students across Year 12 and 13 had the opportunity to attend a workshop organised by GateOneConsultancy, a consultancy firm based in Central London. We learnt about how to write a CV and cover letter.  The focus of the session was to show us how to build our skills, develop ourselves personally as applicants to showcase what we can bring to different organisations. They introduced us to a method called the Ikigai, a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a sense of purpose, a reason for living.

This method used four questions:

1. What I am good at? 

2. What I love? 

3. What the world needs? 

4. What can you be paid for? 

This helped me to analyse and see the variety of career paths that I could pursue based on my skills. As part of the session, we were also introduced to the STAR technique, a significant technique to use during an interview. We worked in pairs, practising the different interview questions using the STAR technique. It was challenging, as thinking on the spot was difficult, however as time passed we did learn how to use the technique and were able to refine our answers to be clear and concise. The benefits of the workshop experience was very insightful and helpful to allow us to prepare for interviews in the future.

Wasi Syed [13F] T-level Management & Administration