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Year 11 and 12 ‘Business Breakfast’


“This morning, a group of More Able students were invited to the Sixth Form Centre to talk to Sixth Form students about how we can best approach our GCSEs. I personally found this morning really helpful as I was given revision techniques that can help me memorise my content and ways to keep my stress levels stable during exams. I have received amazing advice, which I am thankful for and will put into use as soon as possible.”

Leila [11B]


"We spoke to the Year 11s about our experience in the Sixth Form so far - discussing what subjects we take and what the workload is like. They also wanted advice on how to revise for certain subjects, like Physics and Biology and I gave them tips that I found helpful during GCSEs on staying organized and how to make their revision more efficient [such as the use of flashcards and note-taking].”

Diya [12C]

“We were very fortunate to spend our time working with Year 11 students and discussing tips on how to revise. They were able to ask questions regarding revision timetables, what resources to use and how to use their time efficiently. We were also given breakfast such as pain au chocolats and croissants to create a comfortable environment.  This event provided younger students with information to prepare themselves for January mocks and their upcoming GCSEs.”

Rianna [12G]

“The business breakfast was a great opportunity to talk to A Level students about how they cope with the jump between GCSE and A Level content. They also answered all of my questions about the type of revision techniques they used when they completed their GCSEs. Overall, it was an insightful experience.”

Renaya [11P]

“We discussed techniques for how to revise and study, such as the Pomodoro technique, where you study in 20 minute intervals and have 5 minute breaks in between.”

Jagjodh [11G]

“After engaging in conversations surrounding numerous revision strategies with the current Year 11 students, we explored effective workload management, cultivating a sense of self-confidence and encouraging them to pursue the best grades possible. Given our recent experience with GCSEs, we were able to empathise with them and address any worries or concerns they may have, equipping them with the necessary skills to excel in their January mocks, as well as any forthcoming exams. Additionally, we discussed what they wish to study in Sixth Form, and I was able to provide insight as to what is covered for certain subjects, such as English Literature as well as the jump between GCSE and A-Level.”

 Arshil [12F]