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Gymkhana Football Club

Both Amrit Webra and Rageh Jamaac play for the Gymkhana FC in Osterley. Amrit has been playing for them for three years and Rageh for two. This team is in the Premier League for the Middlesex division.

“For this team, I play left wing and on Thursday 09 November we played a London Cup game where I assisted once and scored once. While playing this game, I feel as though I have shown resilience, as they are a challenging side to play and I didn’t give up even when it was tough. Through playing with this team for three years, I have learnt how to be part of a team and respect others. I really enjoy being part of this team and will continue to play throughout my GCSE studies.” Amrit Webra [10G]

“I play center-mid for this team and in the last game I scored once and assisted Amrit in his goal. I enjoy playing for this team as I have ambitions to play football professionally and as I get older. The game was physical and I had to get stuck in, but I am proud of the 4-3 results . I encourage everyone to join a team sport because you can learn lots of beneficial skills to help you in all areas of life.” Rageh Jamaac [10Y]