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Careers Fair 2023

We hosted our annual Careers Fair and invited a wide range of employers, universities, colleges and training providers to join us for this evening. We had several talks that took place during the evening, which were highly attended.  Students and their parents/carers had the opportunity to engage in valuable conversations with the exhibitors and take away resources to help them to continue to explore options. Feedback was very positive and we look forward to holding this again next year.

"Overall, the Careers Fair was good. It was neatly organised and I was able to take a look round the different groups. All the arrangements were on point. It allowed me to speak to my desired organisations quickly and efficiently. The exhibitors were very nice and provided me with lots of information in regard to what I was looking for." Rayhan Kabir [12A]

"The Careers Evening allowed me to get first-hand experience of different university campuses and facilities. The evening was fun and an informative way to narrow down my options, to find the right fit for my future. I explored Coventry University and Royal Holloway University and both were extremely helpful, to help me gather valuable information to help me with my decisions." Faiza Shooble [12H]

"The Careers Fair was the perfect opportunity to meet employers from different career paths. For Year 7-9, it is an excellent experience that incentivises Year 9s to pick specific subjects for GCSE. The Careers Fair also allows students in Key Stage 4, to network and speak to professionals in specific career areas they may want to pursue. Overall, the Careers Fair was the perfect opportunity for young students to develop passions for specific careers and even more beneficial for older year groups, to meet with potential employers." Sara Daci [12G]

"The Careers Fair was very beneficial, as it gave an opportunity to explore our options for our future careers. Employers from a variety of workplaces spoke with students from Years 7-13 and gave supportive, advantageous advice on how we can achieve, to get our desirable grades and the determination to stand out. Given I am someone who is confused about what I would like to study at university, the Careers Fair gave me clear, sufficient insight on interesting degrees. I spoke with professionals, such as employers from British Airways, The Army and Imperial College London." Rianna Ludhra [12G]

"In my exploration of healthcare-oriented professions, I delved into the dynamic landscape of healthcare careers using the EMSI Careers Coach digital tool. This invaluable resource offered me a comprehensive understanding of the diverse healthcare professions available in my region, unveiling the myriad specializations within the field. Expanding my journey, I had the privilege of visiting GSK and engaging with seasoned healthcare professionals. Their firsthand experiences illuminated the spectrum of responsibilities inherent in healthcare roles, emphasizing the pivotal role of teamwork in this sector. This immersive encounter not only enriched my knowledge of healthcare careers but also significantly influenced my perspective on potential career trajectories within the healthcare realm. It underscored the profound potential for making a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals, solidifying my commitment to pursuing a fulfilling career in the healthcare field." Alexandru Apetrei [13B]