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Heston students become published Authors and Poets

The book launch of ‘Perspectives’ was a celebration of the diverse and powerful voices of female students from different backgrounds and experiences. It was a wonderful experience to see the work of 18 Heston Students published in the book, alongside talented writers from other local Schools. ‘Perspectives’, was not only a showcase of the creative talents of the female students, but a platform for raising awareness and dialogue on the issues that affect them and their communities. ‘Perspectives’ was a testament to the power of writing and art as a form of expression, empowerment, and activism. Thank you to Hounslow Action Youth [HAY] and Ms Kyriacou for arranging this amazing opportunity.

Hanaya Singh [11R] and Renaya Singh [11P]

Students published:

  1. Suchi Nair
  2. Gurleen Kataria
  3. Laiba Aamir
  4. Suriya Acharya Thiara
  5. Leila Gantan
  6. Hanaya Singh
  7. Renaya Singh
  8. Mancy Dutt
  9. Navvya Makwana
  10. Senna Brar
  11. Kimpreet Bal
  12. Neda Noorzai
  13. Simrit Bharj
  14. Riteka Bagha
  15. Sundus Rabi
  16. Patricia Balasa
  17. Fakhria Shekhali
  18. Natalia Baranowska