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European Day of Languages ​​​​​​​

“The MFL Department celebrated the European Day of Languages on Tuesday, 26 September 2023. From my French teacher, I learnt that learning another language is so important, so that we can understand millions more people around the world and be able to understand the culture of countries when we visit them. We did some fun activities. The French teachers provided us with the opportunity to taste French food such as croissants and ‘pain au chocolat’ at lunchtime. The croissants were very tasty and I think everyone should try them!” Jasmeet Batra [10W]

“I found the quiz very exciting and really fun, as I had the opportunity to find out the different languages that some of the teachers could speak at Heston Community School.“ Ashneet Arora in [10B]

“I really enjoyed the quiz. There were 10 winners for completing the quiz and I was one of them. I received a box of Celebration chocolates as a prize.!” Jagraj Gill [8P]