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Super Learning Day

Friday, 06 October saw Heston Community School students participate in their first Super Learning Day of the academic year. Normal lessons were replaced by enriching and engaging activities, including an Olympic Games Art Competition, PSHE workshops on current issues and practising interview skills.

Years 7-10

Years 7 to 10 teamed up in groups to compete in representing a chosen country and Olympic sport. They used their impressive creativity and art skills to create 3D models of stadiums and they also designed and wrote their very own newspapers. All the groups produced amazing work and picking a winner was very tough.

But, huge congratulations to…

Group 26 [Mrs Ben Hmida] – Representing Poland and the 4x100m Relay

The competition was very close, so all groups should be incredibly proud of what they produced, particularly our runner-ups:

  • Group 12 (Miss Gould) – Representing Egypt and Rowing
  • Group 18 (Mr Dye) – Representing Japan and Rowing

Here’s what a few of Hestonians had to say:

“Super Learning Day was really enjoyable. Being one of the older students in the group, I felt a sense of responsibility towards my group and I tried hard to show leadership. The group was divided into two. One group worked on the 3D model and the other group worked on the newspaper. By the end of the day, the class felt united as a team. It was nice to see people who at the start didn’t speak to each other, engaging in full conversations. I feel that everyone learnt something new and showed our Hestonian values of Respect, Equality, Resilience, Ambition, Honesty, and Kindness.”Himmat, 10B

“During Super Learning Day, my group and I made a Relay stadium for our 3D model. We communicated with each other in our team and helped each other build our model. We added details like timers and made sure everything was stable. I really enjoyed this experience and hope that I can do it again.” – Anusha, 8R

“Personally, I thought Super Learning Day was very fun and enjoyable. I liked the fact that we had a huge variety of materials to use for our 3D models.”Laksh, 9Y

“Super Learning Day was an amazing experience as I got to learn about a different sport that I didn’t know about before. I also learnt fun facts about the Olympics that will be held next year.”Kiran, 10B

“I enjoyed Super Learning Day very much, we did many fun activities such as creating a stadium and a newspaper about Mongolia and Judo. We learnt a lot of information and fun facts about Mongolia, Judo and the Olympics.”Olivier, 7W

“I found Super Learning Day really fun. It was a great opportunity to make new friends. My group got assigned Korea and we all put our creative ideas together to make an amazing Taekwondo Stage. I enjoyed it a lot and I hope we continue to have many Super Learning Days in the future.” – Dilpreet, 8Y

“We were assigned two tasks to complete [a stadium and a newspaper to advertise your sport]. I was in a mixed group of Year 7s, 8s, 9s and 10s and I had a very enjoyable experience. We had excellent communication skills and teamwork.”Sonia, 7W

Years 11-13

Year 12 started the day off with a workshop that investigated misogyny and harassment. They also had a workshop that looked at the importance of driving safely as they’re reaching the age where they can start learning to drive. They finished the day looking at interview skills and how to successfully interview for a position.

“I thought the Safe Driving session was very interesting and engaging. I learnt a lot about insurance and how much we have to pay depending on our age. I also liked the interview skills session as I learnt some of the skills I’ll need in interviews in the future and the questions I might be asked.” Arsalan, 12C

“Super Learning Day was very informative. The driving skills part of the day was useful in giving us information that we’ll need in the future. It was very useful to me as I didn’t know much at all about owning a car or even about driving lessons. The Interview Skills session taught me a lot about how I can best formulate my answers when I apply for jobs, universities or apprenticeships.” – Aaron, 12F

Year 11 focussed on preparing for their English, Mathematics, and Science GCSEs and Year 13 worked closely with a group of teachers and an external University Admissions Tutor to improve their UCAS applications and/or CVs. Good luck to everyone applying this year!

“It was fun and educational to consider and role-play different scenarios that we may be exposed to in interview situations or in the workplace.” – Priyal, 13E

All in all, the day was a huge success and we hope there are many more to come in the future!