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Hounslow Spelling Bee Winner

The Spelling Bee 2023 was hosted by Heston Community School on Monday 3rd July; 4 schools from the Borough competed, with 44 students in the lineup. The Spelling Bee consisted of 5 rounds, with each round eliminating half the challengers each time. We also had 4 quiz rounds in between which allowed players to gain extra points.  

At the first challenge I was convinced I was a goner; but as the challenge progressed, I was pleasantly surprised that I was doing quite well. This boosted my confidence and I really started to enjoy the competition. I battled my way through the rounds until I finally came to my final challenger, I took a deep breath in and spelt my final winning word, precocious...  

There was an atmosphere of camaraderie amongst my peers and it was a really cool experience. Winning was the one thing I did not expect --- talk about icing on the cake! 

Special thanks to Mr. Ghataura and everyone who organized such a spectacular event, bringing together students from our Borough and challenging us to push ourselves, furthering our skills and abilities.  

Zayd de Silva 8O