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Junior Maths Challenge Success

The Junior Maths Challenge encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.

Special mention goes to Abhayjit Bhangu who got best in Y7, Zayd De Silva who got a Gold award and best in Y8 and Laksh Damree who also was awarded Gold. Congratulations to all that took part. 

In my opinion the Junior Maths Challenge was quite challenging due to the fact that it had very complicated questions. I also think that the junior maths challenge is very luck based in spite of the fact that negative marks used to be handed out for the wrong answer. I found the maths challenge relatively easy as I have done it last year but for year 7s that is not the case. I can say that the test is a good thing as you could add it onto you CV and have a certificate as proof.

Laksh Damree [8Y] - Gold award

'The Junior maths challenge is a very fun and good experience. It allows us to think out of the box and solve problems that we would not usually get in class. Although it can be a little difficult it's worth the experience and you get a certificate at the end to show for your hard work. In my opinion everyone should attempt it because it is fun working through these difficult puzzles and rewarding when you solve them.'

Sahil Kotak [8P] - Silver award