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Culture Day

The Culture Day on the 23 June 2023 was a very successful event because as a school, we managed to raise over £679 for the charity WaterAid. The majority of our students took part in the day dressing in their cultural/traditional clothing representing their heritage. Many students had also chosen to wear a flag of their country, which was a relatively unique way to represent themselves. Teachers also embraced the day by either participating or contributing towards the charity.

In addition to raising money, the high engagement of students and teachers coming together in a celebration of the different backgrounds made the event extremely successful. Students and teachers had the option of having photographs taken to commemorate the event either alone or with their friends, depending on a students’ parents’ consent. The photo shoot event was an excellent way to increase the student enjoyment through their participation, and personal choice to capture school memories. The photographs were sold for £4 to raise additional money for the charity WaterAid. Overall, this event was an opportunity for everyone to come together and learn about the diversity of cultures that exist within Heston. It was a great success.

Tanshi Ratala [12H]