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Year 13 BBQ 2023

The Year 13 BBQ provided a final opportunity for students, who are moving on to the next phase of their lives, to gather together as a cohort one last time. After finishing their exams, it was evident that a huge weight had been lifted off their shoulders. Students were able to freely laugh and interact with one another, as well as have light-hearted conversations with the teachers who had helped them get through such challenging times. Although the students' friend groups may now be disrupted by the fact that they will not see each other every day at school, taking group selfies was their way of keeping the connection alive as they documented these lovely memories.  

Teachers' speeches both amused and moved the students, and it was evident how proud they were of the year group as a whole. Almost all of them said that they expected big things from the pupils in the future. It was a powerful statement, given how they had seen each student grow as academics and individuals since Year 7.  

They were then shown a visual representation of how much they have changed since Year 7. One of the day's highlights was the slide show that had been prepared, in which old photos from previous picture days were projected on the screen. Laughter filled the Sixth Form Centre as everyone recalled the embarrassing and wonderful aspects of their school days. The 'before and now' photos of friend groups touched the students showing how their social circles stood the test of time.  

To commemorate the completion of their secondary school journey, a miniature golden tree was in the Sixth Form Centre. Students were able to write a message about their experience and hang it on the branches for a small sample of them to be read aloud in their final assembly as Year 13 students: some were funny references to specific moments in class, while others were heart-warming passages that clearly showed their gratitude to the School and their teachers.  

Of course, the celebration concluded with a barbecue. There was a lovely atmosphere filled with good food and smiling faces. Since COVID had impacted their school experience, it was likely the first time in a while that they had spent time on the school field. The ability to sit on those picnic tables or even on the grass itself was undoubtedly a sentimental period where they could reminisce about the days when they would have PE lessons or spend break time there - concluding the day on the pitch was an excellent tribute to the time they spent in their younger years.  

The day marked the end of their journey at Heston Community School and the beginning of their careers as contributing members of society.  

Malaika Abbas [12A] Roving Reporter and Photographer 

Nikhel Chumber [12C] Reporter 

Abdisalam Abdulkadir [12E] Reporter