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Engineering Society Prepares Students for Junior Physics Challenge

The Junior Physics Challenge was definitely an experience to be thankful for. The Sixth Formers: Biansha Kapoor, Kiran Barrass and Aisha Ali were dedicated to helping me do my best and take on this challenge. Throughout the process I have gained much more knowledge which I have been able to incorporate into my lessons, I feel as though I have developed a greater understanding of physics and useful skills I can use later in life. Whilst Biansha was teaching me, I enjoyed learning Newton’s Laws the most. The manner in which she taught was very interactive, using whiteboards and discussing a lot of the questions, which made the lessons more enjoyable.  

Having these sessions twice a week really allowed me to learn more about one of my favourite sciences it made it easier to understand topics I was interested in.  The Sixth Formers were able to break down the topic and explain it to me in a way I could understand. If this club was to run next year I would more than likely join, and again as a year 11, hopefully learning harder topics. 

Results from Year 9: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

Results from Year 10: 1 Gold, 14 Silver, 26 Bronze, 4 Commendations 

Ayurdha Mannyamgari Year 9 [Silver Award Winner]