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Year 8 Football Team

Huge congratulations to the Year 8 football team for making it all the way to the Semi-Finals. All those involved did the school proud in their unbeaten run, finishing top in the group stages. Unfortunately, we did not progress beyond the Semi-finals as we lost 3-2 against Isleworth & Syon.

"We came into th game against Isleworth and Syon with only one thing in mind for this semi-final, and that was simply winning! We came so far, so losing was not an option. We put up a strong battle however they were the better team at the end of the day. Even though we lost 3-2, we played till the final whistle. Next year we go again". Michal Oterski [8G]

"The football match against Isleworth and Syon ended in a 3:2 loss. It was a very tough match. Both teams fighting as had as they could to get to the finals. We played well but in the end they were the better team. We tried our best and did give it our all. Even though we lost, we went so far beating lots of schools to reach the semi-finals, and we will improve next year". Thiveesh Kageenthirarasa [8G]