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HI Students at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

On Friday, 24 March students and staff from the Centre for the Deaf went on a trip to Shakespeare's Globe. They were treated with a celebrity workshop from BSL consultant and actor Nabeel Islam and further workshops from 'Go Live'. The students had a great time and were able to watch a BSL supported performance of 'The Tempest'. 

Camera crews were present, and our students were a credit to the School, not complaining once despite the frequent and appropriately dramatic downpours.

"The opportunity for the Centre students to witness a performance of The Tempest with captions and British sign language was wonderful. We took part in exercises that tested our drama skills and also teaching us about Shakespeare's globe's past. It was amazing to see how they were able to have the interpreters sign on stage while the actors performed, and the show was excellent. Sadly, it began to rain severely as we headed home, and we had to hurry." Danish Hakim [13D]

“We went Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and it was really cool, but we did lots of walking and the weather kept changing.

First we walked to Osterley train station then we got a train then we got another one then we walked then we stopped at Greggs. Then FINALLY we arrived then we went inside then we did two workshops and met a famous person called Nadeem

He was giving us quizzes and was so funny. He told us the story of what happened in the story and told us about the characters.

Then we went to another workshop we were acting and freeze framing - it was really cool! Then we meet this person who told us what happen to the Shakespeare Theatre in the olden times. He told us lots of interesting things. Then FINALLY it was lunchtime and I was hungry.

After lunch, it was time to watch 'The Tempest'. It was funny and a bit romantic and I didn't like it, but it was funny. There was so many people in it. When it finished, the weather was proper raining heavily, I was all soaked and yeah the trip was fun.” - Damanpreet Saghal [9O]