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Super Learning Day

RE Super Learning Day  

My experience at the Laxmi Narayan Temple was really incredible. I learnt about all about Hindu faiths and beliefs, like karma and reincarnation. As we got there, we had to take our shoes off and enter the main prayer hall. There was one really important rule and that was not to face away from the 10 Gods [which were statues that they had breathed life into] that were located at the front of the prayer hall.  They wore bright, decorative clothes, which we were told, were handmade for them, and they wore them for three weeks and then got new outfits.

We had the chance to do a Q and A about Hindus and I learnt that they believe that if you die God will give you another life. Then, we stood up for a prayer called Arti. We also had to keep our hands together.  After this we received some holy food and drinks that had been blessed by the Gods. It was fascinating learning about another religion and their belief systems and how it influenced their day-to-day lives.

Takdeer Khurana [7G]

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