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GSK Visit

Before my visit to GSK, I was not sure what to expect, as I had little knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. During the course of the day we learnt that GSK doesn’t only specialise in developing new treatments and distributing medication to hospitals, they also play a part in creating innovative ways to increase productivity within the pharmaceutical industry.

During the day we were able to do a practice a mock interview.  This allowed us to implement the skills we had learnt in previous workshops by using the STAR technique to answer the questions set.   My confidence levels regarding performing interviews have improved significantly as a result. 

As well as taking part in mock interviews, I was able to learn about different innovations that they have at GSK, such as using artificial intelligence to conduct research and development for long-lasting medication and to increase the overall efficiency of creating their products.

It was difficult to move away from the grandeur of the building whilst on a tour of GSK.  Employee welfare was at the heart of GSK’s core values, which was really nice to see.  They had a range of facilities on site, including a supermarket and a hair salon to increase motivation.  I look forward to more experiences like this one.  It has really motivated me to work hard, so that I too can secure a job in an organisation that works so hard to bring together different functional areas to reach their common goal.

Serina Ahmed [12H]