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Teachers' Strike Days

School Activities – 15 - 16 March 

On 15 and 16, Heston Community School continued to support our students with online learning and some on-site lessons. 

Sixth formers worked on revision and coursework. Asad [12C] told us, “As part of my IT Coursework, I am revising cyber-security and examining the pros and cons of different networks.”     

Serena, a Year 12 Business BTEC student said, “We are learning about quality management and how to do different checks to ensure organisations are working to standard.” 

Anna [12B], is a Science T level student informed us, "I was busy finishing off my Forensic report for Criminology. We investigated a mock crime scene last week.” 

Year 11 students came in to prepare for GCSE examinations. Smriti [11G]said, “We are doing a whole past paper for Maths as a group, looking at a range of possible questions that might come up in our mock this afternoon. Extra help is always good!” 

Over in the English area, Arshil [11R] said, ”We have practised language analysis and how to apply it to our essays today.” His classmate Amna [11Y] added, “We have 34 school days left before the real exams start, so it is important to revise.” 

Year 7 enjoyed PE lessons, History, Drop Everything and read, and a PSHE lesson about bullying.


Anusha [7R] told us, “We have looked at a video about different types of bullying and done pair work on summing up the issues.”  

Karolis [7R] added, “We discussed different ways of dealing with different types of bullying.” 

Kacper [7P] said, "In History, we have been learning about The Black Death, how many people were killed and how it affected Europe.”  

In the Sports Hall, Malak [7G] said, “I like the teamwork, today we have been shown how to score.” 

Outside on the courts, Ilyas [7B] said, "The boys were playing a whole game after recapping, scoring, passing and defending”.

It was great to hear so much positivity from the students.