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T Level Workplace Workshop

Both Business and Science T Level students took part in workplace workshop on the 08 March.  The workshop was run by Spark!, a local charity that helps schools to engage with industry, and shows that students can get an understanding of the different career paths out there in industry.  The workshop was an interactive session, that was both fun and informative.  We were put into groups and had to discuss what we think is professional and unprofessional within the workplace. The discussion was based on examples, which gave us a practical insight into how we should behave when we carry out our industry placements.   We also carried out some interview practice, focusing in particular on the STAR technique. I fully recommend T Levels to future sixth-formers; it prepares you for the workplace by developing our soft skills as well as giving you a good academic grounding. 

Wasi Syed [12F] [T-Level Management & Administration]